The Fear Free Pledge

Fear Free Members: You may have been redirected! Based on feedback from our members (that’s you!), we feel it’s vital to defend the commitment, integrity, and quality of what it means to be Fear Free Certified. In doing so, we kindly ask that all of our members—both those in the process of completing certification and those who have already completed it—read the pledge below and “e-sign” the document at the bottom of the page. It only takes a second—we promise.

BONUS: After completing, print out your auto-generated signed pledge and show off your Fear Free commitment by displaying it across your practice!

Whether it’s a veterinary professional, trainer, groomer, or other pet professional, the one thing all of our members have in common is a love for pets and a passion for making their lives better. For all of our members, Fear Free is extension of that love and passion—but certification is only the beginning. We teach our professionals that every single patient interaction is an opportunity (and yes, sometimes a challenge) to put their Fear Free skills into motion and to do everything in their power to look out for their patient’s emotional wellbeing in addition to their physical wellbeing.

It’s for that reason, in addition to many of our members voicing a desire for a means to hold ourselves accountable, that we have created the Fear Free Pledge! The Fear Free Pledge is mandatory for all members and is incorporated into your certification program.

If you have already taken the Pledge, go to your “Certificates” page to view, download, and print your signed Pledge. If you have not taken the Pledge, please read and complete the Pledge above.
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