Additional Courses Veterinary Professionals

Welcome, Fear Free veterinary professionals! This is where you can earn additional Fear Free CE hours by taking our complimentary RACE-approved courses. Right now, we are hard at work developing some amazing new courses, which will launch in regular intervals and will be available exclusively to you as a benefit of your active membership.

Veterinary Certification Program

  • Reduce or remove anxiety triggers
  • Improve safety for the veterinary team
  • Increase compliance

Stress, Health & Behavior

  • Stress Impacts, Coritsol, and Allostasis
  • How Pain Affects Behavior
  • The Microbiome and Behavior

Eliminating Barriers to Care

  • Understand the stop-treatment threshold
  • Learn the vet’s role in cost-of-care education
  • Understand why quality pet insurance can help

Fear Free for Humans

  • Understand how perfectionism affects mental health
  • Create simple scripts to practice making generous assumptions
  • Practice healthful communication with coworkers and clients

The Neurobiology of Toxic Stress

  • Learn about the different types of stress
  • Understand the effects of toxic stress and trauma
  • Find out how to harness the power of agency

Addressing Fear & Aggression in Avian Patients

  • Use constructional approach
  • Learn from case studies
  • Gain practical implementation

Fear Free for Relief Vets

  • How to practice Fear Free as a Relief Vet
  • Emergency and shelter situations
  • How to pass on Fear Free after you leave

Veterinary Certification Program – Avian

  • Fear Free visits for untrained birds
  • Recognizing stress in birds
  • Staff and client education

Veterinary Certification Program – Equine

  • Recognize stress to improve care
  • Reduce or remove equine anxiety triggers
  • Increase comfort during travel

Next Level Nail Trims: Cooperative Care Behaviors

  • Demonstrate communication cues
  • Respond and recognize consent cues
  • Train a variety of cooperative care behaviors

Finesse the Chin Rest: The Basics and Beyond for Cooperative Care

  • Learn the training steps
  • Discover on-the-job applications
  • Work up to advanced-level distractions

Veterinary Professional Certification Course | Level 3

  • Advanced animal handling techniques
  • Preventive behavior services
  • Feline & canine development

Veterinary Professional Certification Course | Level 2

  • Advanced animal handling techniques
  • In-hospital care
  • Client communication

Fear Free CSR: How You Can Help Prepare Pet Owners

  • The CSRs Role in Pre-Visit
  • Creating the Fear Free Environment
  • How to “Speak Fear Free” to Clients

The Path to a Great Bath

  • Overview of Fear Free Bathing and Positive Reinforcement
  • Introduction to the Tub
  • Modifying the Environment for Success

Pain Management and Emergency Care

  • Aid your clients in recognizing and understanding their pet’s pain
  • See how you can implement Fear Free in your emergency care

A Close Look at Canine Enrichment: What, Why, and How?

  • Explore enrichment using all the senses
  • Identifying the right balance
  • Enrichment for dogs in various scenarios

The Impact of Pain

  • Define, classify, and and identify pain from different sources
  • Impact on the Human-Animal bond
  • Modern analgesic therapies

Alone in the Wilderness

  • Understand the dynamics of change
  • Implement change in your practice
  • Address common push-back topics
  • Thrive where you’re planted or transplant to a new garden

Quantifying Pain: Pain Scales and Scoring Systems

  • Fundamentals in measurement
  • Scaling and scoring of pain
  • Treating patients’ pain and suffering more effectively

Fear Free Dermatology

  • Classical Conditioning and Conditioned Emotional Responses
  • The Ears: Exams and Procedures
  • The Skin: Diagnostic Tests and Procedures
  • Bathing: At Home and In Clinic

Analgesic Medications and the Pain Pathway

  • Maximizing the efficacy of your analgesic protocols
  • How & where core and adjunctive medications work
  • Importance of multimodal analgesia

Emergency and Critical Care

  • Unique challenges & solutions for the ER
  • What a Fear Free ICU looks, smells & sounds like
  • Why reducing FAS in critical patients is a need and not a want

The Business of Pain Management

  • Begin or increase your pain management business
  • Skills to consider learning
  • Ways to acquire new pain patients

Analgesic Protocols for Acute Pain – Case-Based

  • Importance of analgesic protocols
  • Protocols for elective soft-tissue surgery & dentistry
  • Protocols for urgent surgery, trauma & medical conditions

Noise Aversion and Nutraceuticals and Behavioral Medicine

  • Diagnosing noise aversion
  • Providing treatment
  • Benefits of nutraceuticals in behavioral therapy

Effects and Management of Chronic Pain

  • Causes & effects of chronic pain
  • Case studies
  • Alternative & complementary treatment

Fear Free Dentistry and In-Clinic Sedation

  • Importance of dental care
  • Physiological & medical impacts of stress
  • Benefits of implementing sedation

Fear Free Companion Animal Euthanasia Course

  • Create a meaningful, low-stress experience
  • Uses of pre-euthanasia sedation & anesthesia
  • Preventing & alleviating compassion fatigue

The Vital Role of Client Services Representatives

  • Communicating with clients
  • Creating a welcoming experience
  • Advising clients on transporting pets

Feline Destructive Scratching Solutions

  • Natural functions scratching serves for cats
  • Common owner responses & the problems with them
  • Safe, effective alternatives to declawing

Fear Free Doesn’t Cost – It Pay$

  • Taking client loyalty to the next level
  • Evaluating your financial investment
  • How Fear Free positively affect your bottom line

Behavior is Medicine; Fear Free is Better Medicine

  • Science behind fear, anxiety & stress
  • How Fear Free is better medicine
  • Sedation protocols

Developing the Fear Free Plan of Action for Patient Care

  • Body language knowledge
  • Touch Gradient, Considerate Approach & Gentle Control
  • Fear Free procedures

Success! Proven Fear Free Strategies

  • Making clients & patients happier & healthier
  • Case studies
  • Best practices

Fear Free Scheduling | Marketing Your Certification Online

  • Importance of scheduling in creating a Fear Free visit
  • What successful scheduling looks like
  • How to market your certification

Implementing Fear Free Into Your Practice

  • Engaging your team
  • Process for small & large practices
  • Tactics & techniques that you can start using right away

Pre-Anesthesia Feeding, ER, Critical Care & Internal Medicine

  • New research on pre-anesthesia practices & procedures
  • Issues in the day-to-day practices of emergency, critical care & internal medicine
  • How Fear Free can address these issues

The Role of Technicians, Treats and More in Fear Free

  • How technicians play a role in the Fear Free process
  • The right use of treats
  • The treat ladder’s role in creating a Fear Free visit

Welcome to the Module 8: An Implementation Guide for Leaders

  • Leadership, strategic planning & metrics
  • Human resources & operations
  • Marketing your Fear Free certification

Podcast CE: Case Studies in Feline and Canine Fear Free Visits

  • What Fear Free means from a client’s perspective
  • Dakota the Dog’s experience
  • Pooka the Cat’s experience

Fear Free Nail Trims: Trimming Away the Terror

  • Incorporate Gentle Control, Considerate Approach and touch gradient into nail care
  • Pros and cons of common nail trim tools
  • Describe how and when, to use food distractions or switch to DS-CC for nail trims

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