Fear Free Certified® Trainers, Groomers & Other Pet Professionals

Taking Fear Free® full circle and creating an all-around healthier, happier life for pets

In 2016, Fear Free launched the Fear Free Veterinary Certification Program, which was developed for veterinary professionals, to wide praise and success. With thousands of registered professionals and growing, it’s clear there is a strong desire for change in the way we think about and address the emotional wellbeing of pets. But that desire for change has come from all corners of the pet community, not just from within veterinary medicine.

When you read Fear Free’s mission—to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them—you may notice that it’s inclusive to anyone who helps care for our best friends. Pet professionals play a critical role in creating a happier, healthier, Fear Free life for pets. In the coming months and years, we will continually be adding courses and resources for these professionals.

Fear Free Trainer Certification

Together, under the auspices of the Fear Free program, veterinary professionals and trainers have the opportunity to team up to achieve their goals and at the same time help relieve dogs and cats of the fear, anxiety and stress that often accompany visits to the veterinarian or health care administered at home.

Fear Free Groomer Certification

In many ways, going to the groomer is similar to going to the vet: dogs and cats are usually up on a table, with sensitive body parts such as ears and feet being handled, in a facility filled with the sounds and scents of other animals. With their own Fear Free program, groomers are empowered to greatly reduce pets’ stress, just as veterinarians are.

Fear Free Pet Sitter Certification

Pet sitters spend an extended period of time with the animals they care for, giving them an intimate and unique glimpse into animals’ home lives. Because of this, pet sitters can readily identify opportunities for improvement and spot emerging behavior concerns, enrichment opportunities, and other areas that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Fear Free Boarding & Daycare Individual Certification

This course will help you ensure you are thoughtful in every interaction with boarding and daycare pets—from greetings to kennel introductions to overexuberance or shyness. You’ll learn what a Fear Free boarding and daycare environment looks like, feels like, sounds like, and smells like. And you’ll get practical advice on what to do in the moment if a dog or cat struggles.

Future programs to come!

In the coming months and years, Fear Free will be striving to create programs that touch every part of a pet’s life. Stay tuned for upcoming courses and programs!

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