Fear Free cares deeply about our veterinary and pet professional community, and we value their commitment to reducing fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. That’s why we do our best to give back to professionals and the pets they care for through a variety of avenues.

While clinical experience and observations play an important role in veterinary decision making and growing our knowledge, they must be grounded in sound science. Therefore, Fear Free training, continuing education, resources, and recommendations are built on a foundation of evidence-based research. Fear Free takes pride in currently funding research designed to achieve two of our primary goals: Fear Free veterinary visits and Fear Free Happy Homes. Research will focus on two categories: Fear, anxiety, stress, or pain associated with veterinary visits and enriching the lives of pets in the home.

Fear Free is excited to offer all students, faculty, and staff at veterinary schools, veterinary technician/nurse schools, and veterinary assistant schools complimentary membership to our program! This offer is open to students of all levels for the duration of their time in school, and we encourage you to take advantage of the program as early as possible.

Since 2017, our pet owner education platform, Fear Free Happy Homes, has given members the most cutting-edge content and education to help brighten and enrich their pet’s life to the fullest. Our contributors are recognized as the leading experts in their fields of veterinary medicine, animal handling, training, and research, and we take pride that 100% of our content is reviewed by boarded veterinary behaviorists. By offering membership for free, we wanted to make sure every pet owner has access to this important information, so we can help as many pets as possible live a full, healthy, happy life.

We created the Fear Free Shelter Program to improve the emotional experiences of animals by educating shelter personnel about the emotional needs of dogs and cats. Fear Free will empower them to apply broad based concepts, strategies, and techniques designed to reduce the negative emotional states that are commonly experienced by shelter animals, including fear, anxiety, stress (FAS), and frustration. The Fear Free Shelter Program is completely free for all shelter, rescue, and animal welfare organization staff and volunteers.

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